March 15, 2019

2650 Eglinton Avenue E, Scarborough, Scarborough, ON

Actually, while brand-named items will be priced higher in the computer system, we will absolutely price trendy unknown-name brands a little higher in our computer system as well! Once your items have been sorted, they will be entered into our computer system. If you have been to Platos closet and sold stuff there tell me how much they pay for a certain thing. Printable Application: Yes. Print Platos Closet application (PDF) or Search Job Openings. Job seekers need to possess outgoing, positive, and attentive personalities in order to gain hiring consideration. Do I need an appointment to sell? We prefer that you bring your items in to sell before that time to allow the buyers plenty of time to evaluate and price your items. We promise to be fair and honest as we inspect and price your items. With this in mind we will offer you, the seller, a fair price for your items while ensuring a fair price for our buying customers. While we’re looking at your items we ask that you take the time and shop the store. Also read: 80% Off Forever Coupons & Promo Codes + 4% Cash Back You may leave and run errands while we process your items, but we ask that you return at your earliest convenience.

2650 Eglinton Avenue E, Scarborough, Scarborough, ON

Plato’s Closet operates as one of the largest secondhand clothing retailers in the United States.

Inexperienced job seekers and retail professionals alike may find meaningful careers featuring exceptional pay and work benefits with the retail chain. Workers may assume available roles with the retail chain starting at 16 years of age. Redeemable one per customer per day, April 22 through May 22. Valid at participating locations only. Around 400 Plato’s Closet locations operate in the United States and Canada. Plato’s Closet operates as one of the largest secondhand clothing retailers in the United States. How much does Plato’s Closet in the United States pay? 8-15. For not really expensive items, (I keep my Lulu and such for other means of selling) I didn’t really expect much either and what I got I deducted from my purchase total. Also read: How Do I Convert Children To Women Shoes If you’re planning to choose a Ed Hardy Product as a gift for your families and friends, you can also purchase online, just please visit the Ed Hardy online storen for more discounts and save your money immediately! The lady on the phone sounded nice and said they do purchase those items and that I can drop by.

The nice thing about this place is that they pay you 30-40% of what they sell the item for, which is a bit more than what Kind Exchange gives you. Quality varies, but that makes sense depending on if the item is used or new. I understand that they have a business to run but thrifting at such high prices just doesn’t make sense to me. Selling near-new name-brand clothing requires applicants to possess excellent fashion sense in addition to the customer service skills necessary to interact with large volumes of patrons on a daily basis. Please allow for this as we work on a first come first serve basis. Yes they are the middle men, that take the work out of selling you that clothing but it’s not like they can sell your items immediately anyways. Sales Associate – A job title with wide, sweeping responsibilities, the position of sales associate provides part-time and full-time schedules in fun, diverse, and customer-centric work environments.

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2650 Eglinton Avenue E, Scarborough, Scarborough, ON

At most, job seekers wait as long as two weeks to hear back regarding applications and the next steps in the hiring process. Also read: Six Flags Coupons & Promo Codes 23 Ways To Get Discounts On Park Rides Sometimes the wait to sort through items is 3 hours or more, which I think is crazy. I came here to sell stuff and they made me wait half an hour and told me to “look around” when they had ONE person to ring up to sell their stuff. At first I thought maybe it was just me, but I had a friend of mine take an entire bin of name brand jeans (mainly black brands granted) half of which had never been worn, tag still attached. What I have noticed in selling to them is that 1. They only take the name brands they want. I’d bring in designer handbags and brand name clothes but was always treated as though my clothing doesn’t meet some standard. 4. Dress Nice When You Drop Off the Clothes. Super helpful and extremely nice! Great place to sell light used items you’d usually drop off to the thrift store.

Need to be trained a little more when it comes to customer service.

There are not very many thrift stores around here so this place is loaded with good finds. First time here was excellent. Also read: 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Although most of the time garage sales don’t have what you are looking for, occasionally you will find a great deal. They do have some great selections but you really need to take the time to go through everything in order to hit the jackpot. Need to be trained a little more when it comes to customer service. Environment of the store wasn’t as expected a little bit of the value village vibe with better inventory. Overall, I’m happy with the transaction because I was going to donate some of the stuff but made a bit of money instead. Staff is ok but selection has been a bit worse lately than when I started going few yrs ago so I usually get one item or nothing when I shop.

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